Standard Fees
MPA member Fees
Flight instruction (air)  /hr
Flight instruction (ground)  /hr
Biennial flight review (2hrs)
Introductory/orientation flight (20 min)
Proficiency check ride
Practical check ride (w. Examiner)
Re-take of proficiency/practical 
Travel to remote airfields  /hr
$70                             $60
$50                             $45
$120                           $100
$40                             $35
$250                           $200
$300                           $250
$0 - $100                    $0 - $75
$30                             $25
Providing the highest quality flight instruction at the lowest rates!

Our goal as instructors is to enable as many responsible individuals as possible to enjoy our wonderful and exciting sport in a safe and professional manner.  To achieve that, we focus our many years of flight and instructional experience towards making it affordable for just about everybody.  As you can tell from our rates, we are doing this only because we both enjoy teaching, because we're committed to promoting responsible powered parachuting, and because we are as excited as the students when that incredible experience of the first solo flight is completed!
Biennial flight portion only (1 hr)
$70                             $60
Paperwork to issue Student License
$25                             $20
Use of Instructor's PPC / hr (not for solo)
$100                           $90
NOTE:  All costs for intruction & check rides presume use of student's registered aircraft.  Use of Instructor's aircraft (SLSA only) requires renting it at costs specified above.  Renting for solo may be allowed occasionally at Instructor's discretion.