Instructor Staff
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            Randy Autrey

FAA Certified Flight Instructor (2886140CFI)  

Instrument rated Private pilot with Sport Pilot privileges

Over 1100 hours flight time in fixed wing and  powered parachute aircraft

Over 22 years experience in  powered parachutes and over     32 years in fixed wing aircraft

Flight instructor in powered parachutes for over 7 years

Navy veteran, Avionics technician

Pilot for Angel Flight

Captain in the Civil Air Patrol, teaching aerospace within the CAP

FAA Safety Team (FAAST) lead representative

Teaches aeronautics at private prep school

Member EAA, AOPA

Lessons are generally conducted at Bethel, Maine airport, as that location is ideal for students - over 3800 ft long, very light traffic, many open fields in the area, and the winds are generally not an obstacle to flying. Lessons are also given at Limington, Maine airport, and Plymouht, NH airfield. However, arrangements for lessons can be made at other locations with prior agreements.
Practical and Proficiency examinations:
Generally performed at Bethel, Maine airport, as that facility has the facilities that help make the checkride easier, and also at Limington, ME airport.  If there are several individuals in area who need checkrides, will travel in the New England area for the same fee as local, but will charge for travel mileage.
            John  Gobel

FAA Certified Flight Instructor (1937496CFI)  
FAA Sport Pilot Examiner (FS-60-0062)
FAA Sport Pilot  Instructor Examiner

Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine rated with Sport Pilot privileges

Ex-military pilot with over 3000 hours in military and civilian aircraft - over 40 years flight experience with over 500 combat missions

17 years in powered parachutes with over 800 hours flight time

Instructing military and civilian pilots for over 30 years in fixed wing and powered parachute aircraft

Group leader of the USA Powered Parachute Flight Demonstration Team (Chuting Eagles)

Senior Vice President, Senior Technology Officer for a bank holding company (ret.)

Adjunct Professor, Granite State College (BS, MS, MBA)

Member EAA, AOPA
Providing the highest quality flight instruction at the lowest rates!

Phone:  207-381-0202
Phone:  207-852-7300
Randy Autrey
Bill Wallace
John Gobel
           Bill Wallace

 We welcome Bill Wallace, the newest addition to our Instructor Staff.  He will be working out of Plymouth, NH in the summer and in Marion County, Florida in the winter, so he will provide additional geographical coverage for our students.  Bill also has a larger Powrachute Airwolf plane with a 912 engine, which allows us to safely provide lessons to those students who weigh over 230 lbs.  Bill is also able to travel more extensively, and can provide high quality instruction at more remote areas if there are several students in the area. 

FAA Certified Flight Instructor (3669616CFI)  

Over 300 hours in powered parachute aircraft.

Bill has his his Private pilot license with a PPC rating, which very few instructors have at this point, and which allows him (and his future Private Pilot students) to do night flying in a PPC.
Phone:  603-494-1607